Loyalty Promotions


What we offer our Clients

The clients we work with know that they need customers to increase revenue. This can come from new customers, but also by retaining existing customers and retaining existing customers is five to ten times cheaper than acquiring new customers, one of the most successful ways to retain new customers is through rewarding. We work with FMCG clients on in store promotions to reward clients, but sometimes in store isn't feasible. It may not be the way to reach the target market, or require an investment that is prohibitive. An alternative to this can be loyalty promotions. As the mechanic is different and not as instant as an in store touch and feel campaign, the uptake will be lower.  Therefore we can look at smaller quantities for a redemption mechanic for example. 


Sweetspot work with clients through this process. Selecting the right promotion, product and mechanic that suits the target market, the client and the budget.