In store Promotions

Our Service 

We know that gift with purchase campaigns work. They can allow a product to stand out from its competitors, and reward the consumer for their choice. However, it is important that the right product is chosen. It must be relevant to the target market and have a high perceived value to the consumer. Our USP is the creation of bespoke products that will create an impact in store, with a measurable return on investment - increased sales, customer retention, rewarding loyalty or new customer conversion. 

Sweetspot work with clients in the selection of the right product. We do this through the use of focus groups, brain storm sessions and retail research. 

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"   

Sweetspot understand the importance of execution, and offer our clients a full service. From delivery of the product in store, merchandising, reporting and reviewing for the next time.  


Idea Generation 

Selecting the right product is so important. we hold an ideas workshop with our client to identify the right one. 

Sampling & Design

A good product is all about design, we work with designers and agencies to help create great products 


The factories we work with our based worldwide, we work closely in the manufacturing of our clients products 


We understand the challenges of executing a promotional campaign in stores, and work with our clients in the development of displays, merchandising and reporting