Gift with Purchase

Offering a free gift with purchase not only gives an immediate increase in sales but also builds brand loyalty. Many retailers today will embrace gift with purchase promotions as 85% of customers will remember where they received it.

It’s important to note that your “gift” must reflect or compliment your brand ethics and values, pointless in gifting an item that neither fits within your brand or fails to match the same standard.

When it comes to online retailing, a massive area of growth for all retailers,, according to a recent survey from Harris Interactive, eTailers who go the extra mile with a “free gift with purchase” can multiply their customer draw. Nearly 90% of free gift receivers said they were “somewhat likely” to buy more frequently from an online retailer after receiving the gift.

Offering a gift with purchase does not significantly alter the way consumers are ordering online today, however retailers who do offer this extra incentive have a clear competitive advantage over those that don’t.

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