In Store Promotions

We all like to be rewarded, this is one of the reasons why receiving a gift to reward a purchase can work really well for consumers. It is important that the gift has a value to the consumer as this can really influence the consumer to make a decision to purchase a new brand for the first time or to choose the brand over a competitor.

There are two promotions running in retailers at present of interest.

Goodfella's Pizza have a really handy freezer bag to hold pizzas, frozen food or could double up as a picnic bag during the summer. The freezer bag is free when you purchase two thin base pizzas.

The second promotion in store at present is with a brand steeped in tradition, Odlum's. They currently have a promotion in retail that offers a free mixing bowl with the purchase of two products from either Odlum's range or Shamrock. A great start towards Christmas baking, or baking in general.

Both items really demonstrate the importance of ensuring the link is strong between the gift and the brand and we feel that they are great examples of this.

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