About Us

Founded in 2012, Sweetspot’s owners, Susan and Fiona have over 30 years experience in the industry and have developed a strong network of connections with manufacturers worldwide.

  • 2018 – Best SME Co Kildare Winners
  • 2017 – Small Firms Assocation winners
  • 2016 – Small Firms Association Finalists

New Product Development



We will work in partnership with you, on the development of your product. This can start at various points of the product development journey. This is tailor made to your requirements, depending on a number of factors and at what stage of the journey you would like us to join you on.

  • At the very start – ideas/concept stage. It’s always great to get involved as earlier as possible, we can assist with these early decisions. Where in the World is best for producing this product? Can it be done locally? Material selection, feasibility studies to ascertain from the start the associated costs with producing your product.
  • Factory/Partner selection
  • Prototyping
  • Arranging factory visits, with us or without. We will always suggest visiting the factory that is going to produce your goods. We can arrange to travel with you, or assist with details should you wish to go alone.
  • Production
  • Certification of your products and testing requirements
  • Packaging requirements
  • Importation, and fulfilment if required