About Us

Founded in 2012, Sweetspot’s owners, Susan and Fiona have over 30 years experience in the industry and have developed a strong network of connections with manufacturers worldwide.

  • 2018 – Best SME Co Kildare Winners
  • 2017 – Small Firms Assocation winners
  • 2016 – Small Firms Association Finalists

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We are traditionally a non catalogue company, we made that decision very early on as we wanted to offer our clients a bespoke service. Suggesting products that we felt might suit from a wide range of suppliers, and if this wasn’t possible – we help our clients create their own! However, we do know that knowing exactly what you want or what’s in the market is hard sometimes, it can be easier and handy to be able to select from a catalogue and let what’s available prompt ideas.

With that in mind, we now have our own website with a selection of products, that are available immediately. You can see the quantities available, price, colour options, print options and also if you are that way inclined upload your logo and see what it looks like on the items. You can always still email or call us to chat through, but the option to order online directly is there if you wish.

It’s our first site, so please if you see any glitches, please let us know! hello@sweetspot.ie

Click here to access:

https://sweetspot.eu (cool-shop.eu)