We work with a network of suppliers worldwide, creating new products, scaling production of existing products or purchasing products cost effectively in higher volumes. 

Click here to see a selection of products  we have created for our clients, and our own product "Helping Hand Sanitizer" we have brought to market.  

Our Services 

Shipping Containers

Product Sourcing

We have over 30 years experience in product sourcing, manufacturing and importing. In particular we have experience manufacturing in China, but work with factories all over the world. 

We specialise in bespoke products, wholesale bulk purchasing, retail special offers, gift with purchase products and premiums. 

Our pricing includes all duties & testing standards ex VAT. 

Design Samples


We offer a consultancy service for those launching a new brand. As part of this service, we work with start ups and SME's launching new products. This can include some of the below services: 

  • Research into product viability, pricing, material selection 

  • Factory selection, is this a product that can be manufactured locally or will it need to be manufactured overseas, for pricing/scalability

  • Testing Standards for product into relevant market

  • Importing product into relevant market 

Product Imagery