About Us

Founded in 2012, Sweetspot’s owners, Susan and Fiona have over 30 years experience in the industry and have developed a strong network of connections with manufacturers worldwide.

  • 2018 – Best SME Co Kildare Winners
  • 2017 – Small Firms Assocation winners
  • 2016 – Small Firms Association Finalists

Half Day Exploratory Session




This session can be very useful at all stages of a product development and sourcing journey. Prior to meeting we set out the objectives for the morning or afternoon. These may vary depending on the stage you are at.

Morning session, starts at 9am, and finishes at 12.30pm.

Prior to our meeting, we will organise an introductory call to get a full understanding into where you are at and how we can get the best out of the time we have.

Example of a typical session

9am-9.30am – an overview of exactly where client is at, at the early stages things can move and change very quickly.

9.30am -10am – discussion of product, rough samples, sketches may be available

10am-11am – Pricing, RRP, markets

11am-11.45am – legalities, anything to consider? Trademarks, patents, certification

11.45-12.15pm – material choices, considerations, functionality

12.15-12.30pm – wrap up, actions and critical path for next steps